COVID-proof events

The largeness of Theater Amsterdam is perectly suited for events with a 1.5 meters distance protocol, with its large auditorium, the versatile Black Box and its huge projection screen. We can ensure a safe routing throughout the venue when moving between the various rooms. In addition to that, a 400 m2 outdoor terrace with views on the IJ lake completes the perfect venue in times of Covid19.

Due to the state of the art technical facilities, we are able to turn your event into a hybrid in no time, combining live encounters with online audiences. Theater Amsterdam is a beautiful turnkey location that is easy to tailor to your wishes.

Click Here for our Brochure about COVID- proof events.

Foyer and Loft

Foyer and Loft



950m2 floor space to welcome your guests





1,5 meter distance between auditorium seats

Black Box

Black Box



15 meter high ceiling and high end air ventilation system

see the event spaces



Whether it concerns a welcome coffee, a break, a healthy lunch or a drink, catering is our passion. We also take into account safety and hygiene measures during kitchen preparations, presentation and serving methods.


  • Self-service drinks

  • Breaks, lunch or cocktail snacks presented in creative Grab & Go packaging

  • Optional use of service vehicles or conveyor belt

  • Kitchen and service workers use face masks and gloves




Theater Amsterdam is the perfect venue to showcase your brand or company name. For example the windows at the entrance, the shelters, doors, pillars or bars are ideal for branding.

The new hygiene standards and social distance measures can be easily visualized in the branding of your event. Making these new standards visible will offer peace, overview and clarity to your guests.

We can also go a step further by bringing the branding of your company back into catering in collaboration with our caterer DeBorrelFabriek. We would be happy to discuss the options with you.


Technical Facilities

Theater Amsterdam is the perfect venue for both live and online events. The auditorium is equipped with state of the art technical facilities such as video, lighting and PA system. Herewith an elaborate show is easily created. Imagine a timecode opening show for a real show feeling. With the video platform of your choice it is possible to create a dynamic livestream with online panel discussions through video calling, live feedback from ZOOM, up to 147 panels in HD. Thereby the show is recorded in separate audio/video streams for post show editing.

Our technical staff will gladly advise you with all the endless technical possibillities.

inrichting en decoratie

Furniture & Decoration

For the design and decoration of the different rooms, we take into account the 1.5 meter distance between the guests and hygiene and safety requirements are paramount.

This also means that walking routes are created in which there is always sufficient distance between guests, furniture and staff. The logical placement of furniture supports clear routing supplemented with signing. We place plastic screens where necessary and enough stations to desinfect hands. For this setting we will use our own furniture, optionally supplemented by furniture from one of our styling partners.


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