Frontend Developer Love Conference

Frontend Developer Love Conference


Frontend Developer Love Conference is 3 full days of talks from 35+ global Javascript leaders from around the world. Join fellow Javascript Frontend Developers traveling in from over 50 Countries around the world for the largest Javascript conference in the Netherlands and Europe. We will host with over 3,000 People flying in from over 50 countries in the world during this 3 day celebration of Javascript.

FrontendDeveloperLove has always brought together the worlds frontend leaders with past speakers including Evan You Creator of Vuejs, Sean Larkin Webpack Core Team, Luca Mezzalira Google Developer Expert, Michel Weststrate Mobx, Ives Van Hoorne Codesandbox, Kitze React Academy, Sarah Drasner Netlify and many more.

You have the choice to join for the full 3 day experience which includes 2 day's dedicated to Vuejs Amsterdam which is the globally recognised Vue Community Event of the year. Or simply purchase a 1 Day Ticket for wednesday 19th February 2020 which covers a wide range of topics geared towards helping you make good choices as a Javascript developer.



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