Rob Bell ''Everything is spiritual tour''

Rob Bell ''Everything is spiritual tour''


What once started as a mission to compile his ideas about the continuous development of the universe into a great book, ended in an emotional journey filled with realizations about the role of spirituality in life. In an effort to put his views on the relationship between science, cosmos, and religion, critical questions arose that forced Bell to look at his own past in a different way. Writing about his experiences in life, he came to the conclusion that everything in life stems from spirituality. All this formed the basis for his most recent book, Everything Is Spiritual, which was published in September 2020.

On the 'Everything Is Spiritual' tour, Bell shares his views on the relationship between spirituality and various scientific theories about the universe. The show is aimed at a new generation, which leaves less room for conservative thoughts about sin and judgment. With this Bell promises to add innovative insights to the long-running series of 'Everything Is Spiritual' events. The Dutch public can get ready for an eye-opening and intriguing show.


Ticket sales start on Wednesday 15 September at 10:00 AM.




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