Sasha Velour's ''Smoke and Mirrors'' - 2 SHOWS

Sasha Velour's ''Smoke and Mirrors'' - 2 SHOWS


Sasha Velour’s “Smoke & Mirrors” must be seen to be believed.


At over 90 minutes, “Smoke & Mirrors” is a lip-synched autobiographical fantasy with captivating visuals and breathtaking surprises. Dreamed up and meticulously performed by Velour, every second of this iconic production remains heart-felt and unforgettable. The soundtrack spans from Judy Garland to Le Tigre, featurian Velourian classics like "So Emotional" (Whitney Houston) and "Cellophane" (Sia) Throughout, theatrical techniques are used to unmask deeper truths about gender, grief, fame, and community. This is a show dedicated to anyone who dares to live life "over the top!"


"The new ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ tour is gonna be everything and more! Lana's out, Britney's in...and we are going to Prague, bitches! This show always reminds me to celebrate rebirth and flexibility, so we took the surprised delays as an opportunity for growth. Can't wait to share this with you!"

-Sasha Velour


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Sasha Velour - February 1, 2022





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