XL Studio

The impressive auditorium is the perfect stage for a studio setting. The grandeur of the theatre hall, combined with the wideness of the screen makes a unique stage setting.  Whether it’s a presentation, TV production, awardshow or artistic performance, thanks to the available AV facilities the auditorium is suitable for any type of production. The auditorium has 1,100 seats, so it can facilitate live audience with resprect to leading COVID measures responsibly.


Studio Foyer / Vide

The auditorium too big for your event and preferring a more intimate studio setting?  No problem, we will create a studio setting in the Foyer or Loft for your production. Since these spaces are located on the front side of the Theater an extra benefit is the river view background decor and natural lightning.

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covid 2

Seating plan

See the auditorium from various perspectives 


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