Yamato Drummers Show

Yamato is a Japanese taiko drumming troupe that tours all over the world. The title of YAMATO’s newest program is “Passion”. As some of you may know, YAMATO welcomed the 25th anniversary in 2018, celebrating the group’s tours and performances in around 54 different countries, with over 3,500 performances that (have) reached almost 8 million people.

Since the formation of the group in 1993, YAMATO's slogan has been "Let's go to wherever we are invited! Let's give energy to the world!" With these words in our hearts, we have traveled all over the world, giving over 200 performances a year, maintaining a relentless momentum that shows no signs of slowing down.




Program / April 5 

18:00 hours - Doors & bar open 

19:30 hours - Auditorium doors open

20:00 hours - Show / Including break

22:00 hours - After drinks 


April 6 / Afternoon 

14:00 hours - Doors & bar open 

15:30 hours - Auditorium doors open 

16:00 hours - Show / Including break

18:00 hours - After drinks 


April 6 / Evening 

18:00 hours - Doors & bar open 

19:30 hours - Auditorium doors open 

20:00 hours - Show / Including break

22:00 hours - After drinks 


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Diner voor of na de show

In samenwerking met ZA Amsterdam hebben we een theater menu samen gesteld voor wanneer u voor, of na, de show een hapje wilt eten. Reserveren is mogelijk via https://za-amsterdam.com/